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This group is dedicated to all lip gloss fanatics! Suggest your fave shades, brands, flavors and let us know which ones to stay away from.

I can only say so much about lipgloss...

Posted By Fiend on Sep 20, 2008 at 9:03PM

Ok so i have been rather neglectful of my blog, but honestly you can only say so much about just gloss. I am contemplating changing the group name and expanding what i blog on. This post is one such blog. I just painted my nails a lovely shade of coral red called " craving coral" by revlon. I've had this color for awhile but i was fixated on my fave deep blue ("Aruba Blue" by Essie) and now that summer is almost over i decided to switch up and go alittle brighter.

Craving Coral by RevlonCraving Coral by Revlon

closer look at Craving Coralcloser look at Craving Coral

I only used one coat and it looks really good (in my opinion). I definitely will be rockin this shade for the next couple of weeks.

Do you exfoliate your lips?

Posted By Fiend on Jun 9, 2008 at 6:57PM

So i often read in many fashion + beauty mags (i.e. Instyle, Allure etc) that you should exfoliate your lips so that your lipgloss or lipstick goes on nice and smooth. Now i totally agree but when i see suggestions that you use a soft toothbrush i think, "who thinks up this stuff!??". I think i tried the toothbrush to exfoliate once when i was like 16, and let me tell you, no matter how soft the brush, it is still too rough a method. I prefer using a warm washcloth and gently rubbing in a circular motion over the lips and the area around the mouth.
Do any of you ladies have a technique for making sure your gloss goes on nice and smooth? do tell!

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Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze

Posted By Fiend on May 6, 2008 at 6:56PM

I have to admit i went seriously overboard today. I bought a whole bunch of items and 2 new glosses that i totally did not need. The first was the Rimmel that i just posted about and the second was this Sally Hansen gloss in "fresh Mixed Berry".
Sally Hansen COmfort Shine Lip Glaze - Fresh Mixed BerrySally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze - Fresh Mixed Berry
This was a totally different experience then the Rimmel; from the moment i opened it i smelled a sweet berry smell that was very pleasant. I was confused for a second after i pulled out what i thought was a stopper but then realized is a wand for application
Application wand for Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze Application wand for Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze
The wand is not soft. Its a flexible rubber tip that quite frankly i think is a little to small and too harsh on the lips. The gloss feels like im spreading jelly on my lips initially but it goes very smooth and is as moisturizing as the Rimmel was. This is a sheer color as well so dont look for it to add anything other then a nice subtle shine. This gloss was $5.99

Rimmel Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss

Posted By Fiend on May 6, 2008 at 6:41PM

Well, its been alooong time since i have posted about lipgloss. Can you tell how broke i've been!? But thanks to a generous gift from uncle sam :) i took a trip to Harmon's and racked up on some beauty booty. I've always wanted to try Rimmel products but for some reason i always glide past their section in the drugstores. Well today i managed to stop and i picked up this purple tube of gloss. The flavor/name is "Tasty", and let me tell you ladies when i first whipped off the lid my first thought was......eww! The smell is something too weird to describe almost. It's chocolatey and rubbery and something else (an unpleasant something else). Despite that i went ahead and squeezed some out and applied. It goes on very slick and easy, my initial thought was it is rather watery, but it still has some weight to it. I expected it to taste horrible but it was a sweet non chocolatey taste; i would say fruity but i cant put my finger on the fruit. Also that bad smell is gone once you apply it so i guess as long as you hold your nose when you first open the tube then its all good. It's also very moisturizing which is a plus because some glosses leave you with a dry feeling that makes you feel like you have to reapply every 15 minutes. It's a sheer gloss so there's no color but overall i would say this is a good topcoat if your looking for medium level shine or just on bare lips if your out during the day. Overall it's a good product, i give it a 4/5, bad smell and all.

Rimmel Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss - TastyRimmel Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss - Tasty

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Elle Magazine shows us the top 3 Summer Beauty looks

Posted By Fiend on Apr 12, 2008 at 6:31PM

Here's an interesting beauty video i found on msn. Elle's creative director Joe Zee shows us 3 hair and makeup looks for summer that are easy and practical. I love the look of the first model (the ballerina bun, pretty lined eyes and shiny gloss) the best. Tell me which look do you like and see yourself rocking this summer?

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My Summer Beauty Care Must Haves (OT)

Posted By Fiend on Apr 1, 2008 at 7:10PM

I wanted to share my must have summer items that i stock up on every summer. I have been using some of these items for years and even though i may have strayed a time or two i always returned to tried and true. (that last bit ryhmed!unintentionally i might add, heehee).I know this is off topic but i figured that the list included lipbalm so it sorta counts. sorta. :p

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Gloss Across America!

Posted By Fiend on Sep 4, 2007 at 7:01AM

In the latest issue of Seventeen they show the most popular lipglosses across the nation. Now i'm not sure about other states but i don't think Bath and Body works gloss is the most popular in NY. I wouldve thought M.A.C or Dior or Lancome would've been the glosses of choice for NY. What do you guys think, does Seventeen have it right?

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mark. glow baby glow in Pink Crush

Posted By irishchic33 on Aug 31, 2007 at 9:53AM

The best color gloss I have ever used. It is not sticky at all and smells wonderful!

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CARGO Lip Gloss Duo

Posted By miss ellie on Aug 13, 2007 at 11:07AM

I just bought CARGO's pot of lip gloss for $20 at Sephora yesterday. I've never tried them before and I was looking for a gloss that was less tacky than my usual NARS. CARGO's glosses get rave reviews, so I went with a duo called "Chattanooga" which consists of two sweet baby pink shades, one more sheer, one with a bit more pink to it. They have a bunch of gorgeous colors so naturally it took me some time to decide! I may have to go back again soon and purchase another because so far I am very satisified with my purchase. Definitely not sticky! My only complaint is that it has more of a slippery texture (if that makes any sense) so you may need to reapply more frequently, but it's worth the money. You get a generous amount of two shades of lipgloss. And for those of you who enjoy more variety, CARGO also makes Lip Gloss Quads which I believe cost $24.

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Maybellline lipgloss

Posted By Fiend on Aug 10, 2007 at 6:41PM

great gloss all around, definately a keeper